dtz-bildungswerk berlin gmbh supports you in various areas. You have good employees and would like to further qualify them in order to counteract emerging training needs?

Our team supports you in the further training of your employees (m/f/d) When training your employees (m/f/d), you can make use of our diverse range of courses. We would also be happy to develop an individual curriculum for you that specifically addresses the training needs of your employees and is geared to your learning objectives. With us at your side, there are no limits to your training ideas.

Our courses designed to improve the language capabilities of businesses and their staff. Programs aim to develop learners’ German language fluency so they can confidently communicate on both a professional and personal level with their colleagues, partners and customers.Our corporate courses are online, in our school or in the office!

Due to our professional staff, our company size and years of training experience, we can draw on a large pool of lecturers, guaranteeing expertise in every desired area. We are also happy to organise in-house training at your premises, or offer our courses in a virtual classroom to enable efficient in-service training.

Our company service – what we offer

We are confident that we will work with you to develop a custom-fit solution to your problems. Please contact us for a detailed consultation. Through a thorough needs analysis, coordinated course planning and evaluation, nothing will stand in the way of your employees’ learning success.

We take the steps to success together with you:

1. initial discussion1 & needs analysis

In order to tailor training courses precisely to your needs and requirements, we first conduct a thorough needs analysis. Here we work with you to determine your previous knowledge, goals, as well as the necessary content and specifics for your training/qualification.

2. tailor-made offer for your training course

Based on the findings of the needs analysis and our expertise, we will prepare an individual course offer for you. Of course, in your interest, we will check all funding possibilities for the further training costs of your staff.

3. concrete planning of the desired courses

Every company and every institution has very different requirements in terms of time and infrastructure. Together we will find the perfect solution for efficient course planning. Everything is possible, from in-house training to evening courses on the premises of the dtz-bildungswerk to virtual classrooms. Block courses, workshops or individual tuition – we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable course form for you.

4. course start & implementation of the training

Successful learning of new content and skills requires intensive practice, repetition, consolidation and repeated application in a professional context. Our training courses enable rapid progress through a clear focus on the situations and professional applications that are important to you, based on the findings of the needs analysis and up-to-date, certified curricula.

5.training controlling I- initial feedback

In order not to wait until the end of the course to find out how satisfied the participants are, we already ask them about their satisfaction after the first third of the course; this way, if necessary, we can make adjustments and regulate the pace of learning.


In a joint discussion, the results of the first feedback round are evaluated and, if necessary, measures are discussed.

7.training controlling II – second feedback & test

At the end of the training a second satisfaction survey takes place. In addition, what has been learned is tested in an examination; in this way the learners also receive direct feedback on their learning success. After passing the final exam, the participants receive a certificate.

8.final discussion & evaluation

At the end of the training, the certificates are handed over and the final feedback is discussed in a final meeting. If necessary, further training sessions are planned – and the cycle begins again.

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